Apple Card – How to Get and Activate it

Apple Card - How to Get and Activate it

Earlier this week, Apple made the announcement of Apple Card and people are wondering what it’s all about. Well, its nothing but an in-house credit card developed by Apple and jointly powered by Goldman Sachs and Mastercard.

You might want to ask, how does Apple Card work? What are the terms? What are the benefits? What difference does it make with other credit cards? And so on…

The real news is that… finally, Apple has FULLY joined the credit card business. Other related products launched by Apple are Passbook, loyalty cards, coupons, external credit cards as well as ticketing. All these were virtual (digital) in nature.

And now, Apple has released the solid version of its credit card. Yes, this is a V1, and Apple is going to be focusing on the concept with new features and benefits.

It’s a virtual card and physical card that can be used for both regular and Apple Pay purchases at any place Mastercard works.

The app companion categorizes purchases automatically, shows you where they were made and has a design that makes it easy for you to see interest charges, spending and cash back.

The physical card offers 1% cash back, the virtual card offers 2% cash back on Apple Pay purchases and 3% back on purchases from Apple.

The cash back is delivered daily to your Apple Cash balance or to the card monthly as a credit balance if you don’t have or want an Apple Cash account.

How to Activate Apple Card (Physical Credit Card)

Activating a physical Apple Card will happen with a tap of the iPhone to the card. The activation takes place with a pop-up view of the card and an activation button, similar to the pairing process of AirPods.

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