Exilus adapter or orokin reactor for Warframe

Exilus adapter or orokin reactor for Warframe

In this post, we will explain everything you need to know about Exilus adapter or orokin reactor for Warframe. How to get Exilus adapter and how to use it to unlock exilus mod slot.

Warframe Exilus Adapter or orokin reactor for Warframe is a special adaptor that can be fused with a Warframe to unlock a special Exilus Mod Slot. It is a special additional slot that can be used solely for Exilus Mods, as known as UtilityMods. The best exilus mods cna be achieved with the use of orokin reactor for Warframe.

Each Warframe can only have a single active Exilus Slot, and any eligible mods used on the slot will consume mod capacity, like normal mods. An Exilus slot can be polarized using Forma. This is the real warframe augment mod exilus.

Since 2013, warframe augments exilus slot with an Orokin catalyst. Exilus adapter or orokin catalyst will help you to unlock Exilus Mod slot when fuswd with a Warframe. It can also be use for exilus mods armor. This is the best exilus mods for trinity.

Exilus adapter or orokin reactor for Warframe

How to Get Warframe Exilus adapter

  • Can be purchased from the game Market for Platinum64‍ 20 under Equipment → Components.
  • A fully built Exilus Adapter is obtained automatically after completing the Natah Quest.
  • A fully built Adapter is also rewarded after completing the final mission in A Man of Few Words Quest.
  • A fully built Adapter is rewarded on the 150- and 450-Day Daily Tribute Milestones.
  • A fully built Adapter was rewarded to players as a token of apology for server issues on 13th September 2015.
  • A fully built Adapter can be obtained from Sorties.
  • The blueprint can be obtained from Cephalon Simaris after completion of the Natah Quest for ReputationBlackx6450,000. The blueprint is consumed upon crafting, and must be repurchased to craft another Adapter.
  • The blueprint can be obtained from Teshin for ReputationBlackx6475,000.
  • The blueprint can be obtained from some Invasions.
  • Fully built Exilus Adapters are also commonly given out as Twitch drops on the Devstreams.

How to Use Warframe Exilus adapter

To use an Exilus Adapter on PC, click on a Warframe’s locked Exilus Slot, which will open a prompt asking for confirmation to use the Adapter to unlock the slot. If a locked Exilus Slot is clicked without Exilus Adapters being available, a prompt will appear which will ask whether the player wishes to purchase an Exilus Adapter from the Market.

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On Console, you must try to equip an Exilus mod on a locked Exilus slot with an Exilus Adapter in your inventory. If you do, a dialogue box will open asking if you want to fuse the adapter with the current Warframe. Once unlocked, you can change the polarity of the slot with Forma.

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