How to Hide Apps on iPhone

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Your data are so precious and you may not want anyone to tamper with it on your iPhone, you can hide apps to do this. Or you’re a parent who’s got explicit content on your phone and you don’t want your children to access it, you can simply hide your apps. Whichever way it may be, we’ve provided this guide to help you hide apps.


Using Restrictions or Parental control is a good way of safeguarding your data and hiding apps from prying eyes.


How to Hide Stock Apps on iPhone


STEP 1: Open the Settings app and click on ‘General’

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STEP 2: On the next screen, tap on ‘Restrictions’

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STEP 3: Tap on ‘Enable Restrictions’ . After that, input and confirm your Restrictions Passcode.

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Ensure you have a easy to remember passcode as forgetting it may take you a long process to recover it.


Upon enabling Restrictions, it is now easy to hide stock apps like  Camera, FaceTime e.t.c.


STEP 1: Launch the Settings app and tap ‘General’

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STEP 2: Next, Click Restriction

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STEP 3: Enter in you iPhone Restrictions Passcode

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STEP 4: You’ll see a switch next to the apps. Turn off the apps you want to hide.


You can also stop others from doing things like making in-app purchases.


How to Hide Downloaded Apps on iPhone


You can hide downloaded apps  according to their age restrictions or even totally.


STEP 1: Open Settings on your iPhone and tap ‘General’

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STEP 2: Tap Restrictions.

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STEP 3: Input the  restrictions passcode for your iPhone

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STEP 4: Move down the screen  to Allowed Content and tap on Apps.

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STEP 5: Now, you have a choice to decide which type of apps to allow ( do this by tapping on the particular age group) or just hit

‘Don’t Allow Apps’ to completely hide all the apps.

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By doing this, you’ll successfully hide apps on your iPhone. If you want to confirm, check your home screen and you’ll find them all gone.


Hiding apps does not mean they’ve been deleted. They won’t just appear in their usual places. The installed apps are still on your device.


How To Hide Apps Using Folder Method


You can hide both stock apps and downloaded apps using this method.


Make sure you have a screen full of apps and your dock is full.


STEP 1: Create a new folder in which your app will be hidden. To make things simple, we’ll call this folder “Folder 1”. You can name it anything you want. Put any app you want to hide inside this folder.


STEP 2: You’ll have to nest “Folder 1” within another new folder. The new folder will be called “Folder 2”


STEP 3: Upon nesting “Folder 1”, let the apps you placed in “Folder 2” be removed. This should leave “Folder 1” within “Folder 2”. A blank folder  should now appear on your home screen. You should also see an unfilled space there too. Fill it by dragging any app you want there.


STEP 4: Go into “Folder  2 ” and move “Folder 1” by highlighting it. Next, drag “Folder 1” out of “Folder 2” down into the dock area. Folder 2 will now disappear after some moments after this action and when it does, immediately release Folder 1 in the dock. This will cause your screen not to have a new screen as it will disappear. With this, you’ve successfully hidden the apps.


The apps will now be hidden from any screen or folder. You can however access this apps  via the iO search feature. To ger to the Search bar, touch the centre of your home screen and pull it down. Search for the hidden app by typing its name and you’ll find it there.


If you want to reverse the action you just took, by making the apps visible, simply restart your iPhone or launch the iOS settings menu. Click the “Nike + iPod app”, activate and deactivate it. Once done, all your hidden apps will be back.

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