How to Track a Stolen or Lost iPhone with Illustrations

In this post, I will show you how to tract a stolen or Lost iPhone. Your iPhone could be so precious to you that you don’t want to lose it. But what of if it gets missing, the first thing that comes up on your mind is it’s location – where exactly it is. Even considering the huge price an iPhone goes for, you’ll prefer if it be recovered. Also the fear that comes with other devices not working with Apple products leaves you troubled. Other instances that can make you track an iPhone could be your family or friends you want to play pranks on. You can track their iPhones without them knowing.


In this post, I’ll show you different methods that can be used to track an iPhone.

Method 1: How To Track iPhone with iCloud

This is the easiest and best method to track your iPhone. It does not require an app. Follow the below steps:


STEP 1: Enter in your browser and login with your Apple ID details.

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STEP 2: You may be taken to where you are to input a code for two step authentication. This code will be sent to your Apple devices but you don’t need to enter the code instead click ‘Find My iPhone  quick access ‘ link located on the bottom. This will take you to the Find My iPhone map page.


Perhaps you were not prompted for any two step authentication, your iCloud dashboard will be displayed after signing in. Next, click on the ‘Find my iPhone’ icon which stays as the first one in the second row. A Find My iPhone interface with a map should now be displayed.

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STEP 3: Click on ‘All Devices’. It is a drop down menu located on the top bar. After this, select the device you want to track.

The tracking of your device will now begin.

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STEP 4: The location of your device should appear on the map if the tracking process was successful.


At this junction, option are available to you to either trigger an acoustic signal, activate Lost mode or wipe off your data.

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If your iPhone was lost, you can activate Lost mode, whick will lock up your phone with a password while displaying a message of your choice with a phone number. This way someone who helps locate the device can return it to you hopefully.


NOTE: The device you’re tracking has to have either it’s mobile internet or WiFi on or else Find My Phone won’t work until it is turned on.


Method 2: How to Track iPhone with Google

You can also track an iPhone without iCloud

Google and Apple usually save up User’s information in case there are emergencies. With access to internet and the location being turned on your iPhone, Google will continue to update it’s location on it’s Timeline. By the virtue of all these, you can get to know about it’s last updated location on the map.


Follow the guidelines below to do this:

STEP 1: Go to Google Timeline

STEP 2: Select the present daye from the left hand panel. You can also click on ‘Today’.


You’ll see a list that shows a list of location history for the  day. Scroll down and select the latest location update.


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If you find your phone location is not different from the previous updates, then you can go get it. But if the location is not stationary but continuously moving, it is likely that it is stolen.


Method 3: How to use Find My Friends App to secretly track someone’s iPhone without them knowing


You can do this actually with an app called ‘Find My Friends’ ( ). This is not really a spy app but if your tricky you can use it to track someone else iPhone without them knowing. You have to install the app on your phone and their’s after which you share their location with your own iPhone.


STEP 1: Find the ‘Contact’ icon. It is right there at the bottom of the app screen. Tap it and next, toggle on ‘Share my location’

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STEP 2: Ensure that your iPhone is  made available to ‘everyone’. Now, use their iPhone account. Tap ‘add’ > tap on their contact image > tap ‘Share Indefinitely’ . Now, you’ll be granted access to their iPhone for as long as you like.



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STEP 3: You’ll get a message on your iPhone that they are sharing a location with you, click to Accept it. You would prompted if you wish to share your location with them. Select ‘Don’t Share’. Take note of this so that you won’t be caught.



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All you need do now is to use your Find my friends app to receive all their movements on the map.




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