Know More About Internet Technology and Web Services

The internet is very crucial in today’s world. Personally and business wise, everyone needs the internet to get information and perform business operations easily. Organizations use the internet to gain an online presence and reach out to reach out more customers. E-commerce is rapidly increasing as internet has made it easier to buy and sell goods. E-commerce companies are also give competitive prices making you choose the best price.   Information is easily accessible to people who need them, thanks to the internet. The rise in internet technology has made it possible to get almost everything you want with a single click. Millions of websites related to your field can be found using the internet.


In as much as the internet technology is at people’s fingertip, most don’t know the workings behind it. You may not have heard of ‘web hosting services’ before. We’ll let you know more about that here…


Web Hosting Services

How do websites/webpages appear on your device and you can access them? It is because they are being hosted. Web hosting services allow your webpage as an organization or individual to be assessed by the world on the World Wide Web(WWW).


These web hosting providers, usually provide a space for your websites to use on their servers. With this put into place, your website will go live all the time. In other words, you hire a space on their servers to allow your website accessible to the world. Think of it like renting a house (website) on a street (web host) to live in. To secure the space on their servers, you’ll need to pay some amount of money.


We can categorise web hosting services into two:


  1. Smaller Hosting Services

This uses an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or a web interface to upload files. It is a basic type of hosting. These web files usually get delivered by web processing. Internet Service Providers(ISPs) usually provide free subscription for these services. Some web host provide free web hosting services which can last up to a specific time. Depending on the size of their websites, businesses can get the hosting service for a fee.


  1. Larger Hosting Services

There are some giant companies that need to be connected to the web but does not have the facility of Internet Service Providers. Since this companies need to sell their products and services on line, they need to be live all the time while being supported by a large hosting service. They also get to access database support and a strong platform for their online business.


Some best ways to describe this type of hosting are as follows:

  • Reseller web hosting services
  • Virtual dedicated server
  • Shared web hosting services
  • Managed hosting services
  • Colocation web hosting services
  • Dedicated web hosting services
  • Grid hosting
  • Clustered hosting
  • Cloud hosting


Do you use any of this web hosting services? Which one of them. Let us know in the comment.

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