Best Small-sized Washing Machines That Can Be Fitted Into Small Spaces

Your home could be small that you don’t want it to get clustered up with home appliances or it could even be a large one but you don’t have enough space for big appliances. So what do you do in that regard if you want to have a washing machine. Perhaps you think there are only big washing machines but I want to tell you that there are also compact ones, small enough to fit into a limited space.


We all know how important a washing machine is  especially to very busy people. You can easily get the washing job done without much stress. Though most people are known to the big types, we’ll give you 5 types that can be used in limited spaces. Read on…


Best Small-sized Washing Machines

Below, I’ve listed 5 small-sized washing machine and i’ll explain their functions


  • LG WM-610 Twin Tub
  • Century CW8521 7.8kg washer
  • Midea MTE100 Twin Tub
  • Polystar PV WD4.5K 4.5kg washer
  • Haier Thermocool TWL02 2kg washer


  1. LG WM-610 Twin Tub


With a  two-tub setup, this washer has a 4kg capacity. It fits perfectly into small spaces too.


Your clothes gets uniformly mixed with detergents, thanks to its powerful roller jet. It also ensures it is cleaned properly too. This machine makes sure you don’t encounter tangling problems, so no need to worry.


Energy saving capability is available coupled with an overflow filter. What’s more… It possesses a lint collector and a water collector.


You can get this washer on jumia here from N55000.



  1. Century CW8521 7.8kg washer


Though compact in size, the Century CW8521 is able to take as much as 7.8kg of cloth at once. How is this possible, this washer uses a single tub configuration instead of double.


This washer is rich in features and functionality including an in-built lint filter and anti-rust plastic. It is also easy to operate. When using the washer,  it gives you protection over overloading and also resistant to electric shock (Class 1).  A buzzer and and timer setup is also available on it.


You can get this washer on jumia here from N24000.


  1. Midea MTE100 Twin Tub


If you have more space to spare, you can consider this. Although compact, this washing machine can take up to 12kg of clothes at a speed of 1200rpm. Spin capacity is rated 5kg.


Built to a superb quality, this washing machine has a range of controls for easy setup. It is built in a way that you won’t experience issues while operating it. Kids control is also available as the controls are far reach from children that may want to disorganise the pattern you’ve set.


You can get this washer on jumia here  from N70000.


  1. Polystar PV WD4.5K 4.5kg washer


Polystar had space in mind when producing the Polystar PV WD4.5K. Useful in epileptic power condition, this washer is compatible with generators.


It has a voltage rating of  220V and can handle washing within 15 minutes. It comes with roller which can take good care of your clothes although it does not possess spin support.


Anti rust plastic on this machine ensures durability and longetivity. It is easy snd safe to operate too.


You can get this washing machine on Jumia here from N19000.

  1. Haier Thermocool TWL02 2kg washer


 New parents will find this washer useful with its ultra portable size. It can handle 2kg of weight.


It can comfortably wash babies and children  clothes. Other lighter clothes like your undies, shirts can also be handled by the machine.


You can get this washing machine on Jumia here from N22000.





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