How to Block a Number on iPhone

You sure must have received calls from random numbers. They can be very annoying and you’ll want to get rid of them fast. The best way to do this on an iPhone is to ‘block such numbers. In this post, i’ll show you how to do that.


If a call from a number has been bothering you, you can either block it from the Phone app or the Settings app


How to Block a Number From Phone App on iPhone

STEP 1: Open the ‘phone’ app

STEP 2: Tap on the ‘Recent’ tab

STEP 3: Locate the unwanted number you want to block and click the ‘i’ symbol next to it

STEP 4: Scroll down, and click on ‘Block this caller’

STEP 5: Confirm


And there you go. You won’t be disturbed by such caller again


How to Block a Number From Settings App on iPhone

STEP 1: Go to your settings app on your iPhone

STEP 2: Navigate to the ‘Phone’ section

STEP 3: Scroll down the ‘phone’ section and tap ‘Blocked’. A list of your blocked callers will be displayed

STEP 4: Tap on ‘Add New’ and select additional numbers to be blocked from your contacts list.


NOTE; You must have already added the caller to your contact list for this method to work.


How to Unblock a Number on iPhone

Perhaps you want to give the disturbing caller a second chance, you can unblock any caller. Follow the below steps:

STEP 1: Go to the ‘recents’ tab from Phone

STEP 2: Click on the ‘i’ sybol next to the contacts name

STEP 3: Keep scrolling until you get to the ‘Unblock this caller’ option and hit it

STEP 4: Click ‘confirm’


The contact should now be able to make a call.




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